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The Person behind the Craft -             

Hi I am 30 something old married mum, who works full time and  who has been married to the same wonderful man Darryl for 15 years come June 2012 and we have one daughter Tiana who is 14 in 2012, a 6 year old cat and a 1 year old puppy. These guys are my whole life! They bring me joy, heartache, stress, laughter, tears, silliness and a warmth I cannot find anywhere else.  Both my husband and I lost our parents too early in life, and he has one fab sister and I have one fab sister but we are pretty much all the family we have.  

We live in sunny QLD Australia, but not always. We only moved up here 6 years ago from Melbourne where I was born and raised and had never lived anywhere else to be closer to my sister in law and for my husband’s work, it’s been a challenge and definitely an ongoing journey.

Besides my family my other passion is crafting.  I feel like I have been crafting my whole life in some form or another but the passion really kicked in about 2-3 years ago.  I have always loved to draw and play with pencils and even dabbled in some jewellery making, but then I discovered scrapbooking, card making (the whole plethora of paper crafts).  Then came sewing, crocheting and repurposing items and upcycling and the list could go on and on.  I pretty much love to try anything and everything and while I may not be very good at a lot of them, I feel I am fairly new to it all and will only get better in time.  Actually since starting this place I have got better, I just need to look back on my first posts to see how far I have come.

The Craft –

On this site you will see various crafts as mentioned above.  These include but are definitely not limited to






Jewellery Making


Cross – Stitch


And anything else in between including having sharing my life with my family and even recipes to keep your tastebuds tingling.

Being a full time mum, housewife and contracts office for a major pipe manufacturer does not leave much time to craft.  But I do try and fit it in where I can and I am more than happy to share with you all what I do, that’s if y’all are interested.

Thanks for stopping by and drop me a line anytime.

Until then happy crafting


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