Friday, November 11, 2011

What Keeps Me Going

Hello Blog World,

Just a really quick post today as I need to shoot off to aerobics then little athletics with my daughter. Yesterday was a tough day, physically and emotionally.  I attended the funeral and wake of dear friend’s husband who passed away suddenly last week of heart problems. My heart goes out to you Robbie!


Needless to say my healthy lifestyle challenge took a seat on the back bench yesterday

So to keep me motivated I am going to share firstly what’s important to me and what helps keep me motivated on the tough days!

The important stuff…

Of course my beautiful family, I would be nowhere without them. They are supportive, loving and I am thankful for them everyday.


And of course friends

I have very few friends but the ones I choose to have I hold deep in my heart and cherish them for their support, wisdom and craziness.



Some inspiration to cheer up our days

remember that you were given



inspiring quote for the day-720895




So off to aerobics now, and then athletics and then the weekend is here!! YAY! Need to get all these cards done for next week’s markets. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and Happy Crafting.







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NarNar said...

Michelle, I am so sorry for your loss. I'm happy that you have your family and are appreciative of what is most important to you!

Trish @MomOnTimeout said...

Thank you for sharing your motivation on Taking A Timeout Thursday.

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