Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle Change Week 5

Hello Blog World

Just a quick update on the healthy lifestyle challenge this week and I am one day late sorry.  I am on holiday’s in my home town and it’s been a BAD BAD BAD week.   I arrived on Thursday last week so it’s not even a good excuse but this week is no better so far and as I don’t go home until Sunday night so unfortunately I don’t see it getting much better.

I have had pretty much little to no exercise and the eating OH MY BOY!!! It has been bad, cakes, chocolates, Chinese banquets, copious amounts of wine etc…

However I did weigh myself this morning and  I have stayed the same I think.  I have been doing this for 5 weeks and lost 6kg in total, so not too bad.  I just pray that I can keep it off for the rest of my holidays and get back into full swing when  get back to Brisbane,

So more of this

chicken balls close upMT_FRANKLIN

And less of this


So as always I am hosting my link party and last week I had two entries besides mine, Natascha’s Lovely in Pink blog, she will be posting  today about her week, I hope it’s better than mine and also Ashley over at Me and My boys has a weekly feature called Motivate me Monday’s, last week it was about the importance of water and this week it’s about trying to eat healthy during the holiday season, which I think is very hard for all of us.  Anyway check them out.


So I have managed a healthy dinner today, I am about to go for a walk now the weather is cooler and I am still using this really slow and awkward laptop, I will try to post again before  I leave for home.  I am also trying my link party again so come on people I know you are out there trying to get healthier! Please give me ideas on how to stay on track when you are away from home and struggling, I look forward to what you can come up with until then Happy crafting.


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thanks for linkin up girl!!! :) good reminder

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