Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fuzzy Monster Cushion

Hello Blog World,

Wow very busy work personal wise with work, healthy living etc... So I have not been on here as much and the weekend gone was all about my daughter (not that this weekend is much different with a 2 day athletics carnival) and changing her room about. Last post I showed you her pin board redone.

Well she also needed a cushion to go with her chair I did for her about 6 months ago.  Remember the fuzzy monster chair ??

fuzzy monster chair

We were just going to do a small cushion but we had so much fabric left over that I would never use on anything again I managed to make a cover for a European Pillow, these are about 35cm square, so quite big.

fuzzy monster cushion 01

fuzzy monster cushion 02

It was quite hard to get through the machine but with a walking foot I managed, the back isn’t fluffy, I just used a purple cotton drill and button closure. But in general for a cushion cover, it was more difficult than I imagined!

I did however forget to buy specific buttons for this project but luckily I had my handy jar of buttons on hand took out all the black ones the same size and managed to find enough to suit.

fuzzy monster cushion 04

Don’t you just love buttons? 

Anyway here is the back of the cushion.

fuzzy monster cushion 03

If you are wondering about my decorative trim on the back that was a craft fail fix up. I beautifully cut my material, overlocked (serger) the edges made a nice hem, did my button holes (thankfully I didn’t cut them open at that stage) pinned it all together sewed it up, turned it out and ooops I had pinned it on the wrong way!! The button holes were supposed to be on the top, they weren’t and because I didn’t want to change the cotton on the overlocker and it didn’t really matter because that was supposed to be on the inside I used white cotton, well because I pinned it wrong it is now on the outside.

So I did not want to unpick this and resew it so I just sewed some more button holes and found some contrasting ribbon and sewed it over top of the overlocking so you couldn’t see it anymore.  Wah Lah one craft fail fixed.

So I am still doing a lot of hand appliqueing not really going as fast as I hoped for being a bit slack to be perfectly honest, so I will pop by tomorrow with another item from Tiana’s new room and maybe some before blogging crafts.

Until then Happy Crafting.


1CardCreator said...

How fun is this!


Looking so cute..colorful ~

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

So much fun! My kids would love this :) Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Love these beautiful colorful pillows!!! My daughter would love these in her room!!!

Hani@Craftionary said...

WOW.. soo fluffy and colorful.. :)

bronzfrog said...

Love it! Where did you get the fur?

Michelle said...

Bronzfrog, you have a no-reply email so I can't respond direct. But I got the fur from spotlight here in Australia. It's kinda like a joannes or Michael in the states. I found it in the teddy bear fur section.

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