Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First Power Tool

Hello Blog World,

I was that excited I just had to share firstly the colour palette I will be using in redecorating and reorganizing my craft room.

fresh breezepink persuasionpowderfresh

Ain’t they pretty?

My hutch is going to be powder fresh, the small cabinet from thrift shop finds  will be the Fresh Breeze.

The pink Persuasion is just some minor touches throughout the room – maybe my clock or even birdcage who knows the sky’s the limit here!

These are the knobs I am thinking of buying off Ebay for my hutch – what do you guys think? I can’t decide between the antique metal ones or crystal look ones – which one do you prefer?

vintage knob

My other excitement for the day is I have officially got my first power tool! Yay me!
Introducing my new sander I think I will call her Sandy (haha pun intended)


So now I can’t wait to get into all of these projects I have on my horizon.  Need to do the hutch first as it’s the biggest and the room will be cantered around that sort of.  I will keep you guys updated as I go, until then Happy Crafting.



Holly Lefevre said...

Those colors are beautiful! Great choices in hardware too. Enjoy Sandy!

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