Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Families are Forever

Hello Blog World,

First I have to say go check out Danielle’s Blog Blissful and Domestic, her blog is about a homemade year, with thrifty hints and lots of handmade goodness.  Her recent post is 25 wearable fashions and she has featured my Retro Ruffle Apron.  How awesome is that?  Now go send her some love!

apron 001

Now on to me!  Still busy appliqueing (or not appliqueing as the case may be).  Finding it a bit hard with time and motivation to get some good craft on the last couple of weeks.  Time is the biggest factor but also money.  Got some big bills coming up so can’t go and get the paint I need for my hutch and until I finish this hand applique I can’t go any further with my quilt so today I will show you yet another before blogging craft!

This is one of the first things I ever sewed thanks to the help of my sister in law. I saw it at a craft fair and thought it was the cutest thing!


You can see my sewing is a bit off especially on the binding. But I was/am very proud of my first real effort in creating something. And the rules I think should apply to all families
  1. Count your blessings
  2. Be kind
  3. Be honest
  4. Forgive and forget
  5. Be proud of each other
  6. Keep your promises
  7. Love one another
  8. Comfort each other
  9. Bear each others burdens
Simple but something we try and live by each day.
I also thought the people were very cute


And I had lots of fun with the hand appliqueing and hand embroidery on the words. (you think I would have learned my lesson)

The sad thing is this doesn’t really suit my decor anymore. But I want to keep it. Just need to find a new home for it somewhere. Or I could always redo it in suitable colours (there’s a thought).

So there you go another old project revealed. Hopefully I will be back soon with something new but for now check out Danielle’s Blog Blissful and Domestic

Until then Happy Crafting.



Mama F said...

awe, I love your little wall hanging idea!! I am going have to try and make it (after I master my sewing skills!) Found you on Tempt me Tuesdays! :)

Danielle said...

love this project! and thanks so much for the shout out! you are too sweet:>

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so cute!!! How inspiring!!

1CardCreator said...

I love, love love your apron! The ruffles are awesome! Thanks for following me also.

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