Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Teenager Pin Board Re-Do

Hello Blog World,

Still doing a lot of hand sewing but got a bit over it on the weekend and decided to do other things.  So the weekend past was all about my daughter, she swapped rooms and is now in my husband’s office and he is in her old room, it actually worked out well for her it seems a bit more roomier.  Now we get the joy of decorating it.

So first thing a teenage girl needs is a pin board.  She had one but it was pink and made for her when we redecorated her room when she was 7 and still liked pink. Now it’s all about black and purple and other weird teenage stuff! So she took the board down and decided she would re-paint the frame black a while ago, and there were a few bits she missed as you can see.

pinboard 001

pinboard 002

So I took it off again, got her to go through my material stash and we found this fab purple fabric. I fixed up her paint job and before I covered the board in fabric we decided that some pockets would be helpful for her.

pinboard 003

So I grabbed some contrasting material and made two pockets, sewed them on and because she is into skulls (don’t ask) I printed out a colouring page of a skull and appliquéd it onto one of the pockets, then attached to pin board.

Wah Lah one new pin board completed for a teenager!
pinboard 004

pinboard 006

I also made some cushion covers, so I will be back later with those. Wait to you see her choices, she certainly is unique!

Until then happy crafting        


Partycraft Secrets said...

he he... I remember going through a black and purple 'goth' stage as a teenager - my mum kept mute on it, but know I understand that weird grimace-smile she had on her face the whole time! x

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