Friday, December 2, 2011

First Cross–Stitch

Hello Blog World,

Firstly Happy December, Christmas is right around the corner. Is anyone else panicking???


Well I am still in Melbourne having a blast, been visiting old friends, having lovely dinners and lots of wine.

So as promised there are no new projects as I am away but when I was a younger girl in my teens, my mother taught me how to do long stitch. I always enjoyed it but also loved the more intricate details that cross stitch provides, unfortunately she never got to teach me that before passing but I have not let it stop me. Earlier this year after seeing what my sister in law can do with some floss and a needle she showed me the basics of cross stitch.

So I already had heaps of floss from my other crafts, and she even had some aida cloth I could use, and instead of going out and buying a pattern for my first attempt, she has a program (I can’t remember what it’s called sorry, but there are heaps of different ones out there) where you can import a photo or any picture and it will convert it into a cross stitch pattern and even list what DMC and/or ANCHOR Threads  you need to use.

So off I went and played, didn’t buy anymore thread so just improvised with what I had if I didn’t have the correct DMC Colour and WAH LAH, my first ever cross stitch completed!!


This is partially done, you should be able to tell what it is.


So it is a reindeer in case some of you cannot tell, I do not know what I am going to do with it, I may clean it up a bit and pop it on a card? I think it is good enough (the photo doesn’t show this as my camera was broken when I took it).

I really enjoyed doing this and have completed another small cross stitch since (which I may show before I go home) and I am also currently working on a massive one which I am about half way through but have had to put aside as life and other crafts have come first for the last few months.

Now I am off to to an Art Society my friend Jenny is involved in, gonna get my groove back and try and do some sketching and/or painting, Until then happy crafting


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