Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Funky Fabric

Howdy blog world, hope everyone is having a fantastic day.  Me I've got a bit of a tummy bug, but nothing too drastic.

As a crafter, I can't help myself but fall in love with all the pretty pattern papers out there as well as cute embellishments.  They are my weakness (but it's all good as long as hubby doesn't realise just how much I do have). 

My other weakness is fabric, just like pattern paper you can get some stunning designs.  I am still pretty new to sewing but I like to give it a bash.  One thing I did make with the help of my sister in law is a book bag.  It's a fabric bag that holds and protects a book and has a built in book mark.  Well when my good friend Ali saw mine she had to have one. 

Now Ali is very modern, bright and funky, where as I tend to lean towards more shabby chic and girly patterns.  When I spotted this material at my local sewing shop I knew it was her. 

Isn't it just devine!!!!!

So, I got it home and this is what it turned into....

They are so easy to make and the best thing is that they really do protect your books, especially while travelling.  It is my sister in laws design and she does sell them.

Thanks for looking guys and don't forget to leave me comments.


Melissa said...

This is pretty cool, I envy people who can sew lol, I can barely manage a button, but your bag looks fabulous, well done!

Melissa said...

For some reason for the last few months, I can't connect to blogs unless you have the blogger follow button across the top of the screen - I have popped you in my faves instead. Just wanted you to know. I will be back to visit :)

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