Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Block


Hello Blog World,

What a busy couple of days it has been... more with work than anything else.  Sunday didn't turned out as planned unfortunately, I had all these grand plans of scrapbooking and card making after finishing my baby block but ALAS! that did not happen. 

Well remember this baby book from this post

 Well the material panel had the cutest animals left on it on blank white background and they were just way too cute to throw away, I let them sit there for a week while I decided what to do with them.  I thought of appliqueing them to bibs, jumpsuits etc... In the end I decided to make it into a baby block.


It even has a rattle in it....but this little sucker put my day into slow motion.   I cut all my material out, sewed it together, cut my animals out, stuck them where I wanted with fusible webbing then went to machine applique them on and NOOOOOO the stitches on the machine are too big and it looked awful.  So off I went and unpicked the little bit I started and went and sat down and watched my Medium DVD box set and hand appliqued them all on.  Finally finished at 6pm that night, didn't cook because it was mother's day so hubby decided to cook which was very lovely of him, so off I went to sew the block all together.  That went very well, sewed it up, turned it out and started to stuff it.  Well I forgot that when my puppy was even a younger puppy she got into my stuffing one day and destroyed half of it, so I didn't have enough and being Sunday night I couldn't get anymore until the next day.  That's when I gave up :)

Monday came and I bought some new stuffing and WAHLAH!!! All done :) I gave this to my expecting friend today and she loved it.  I am soooooo happy. 

Well I am off to hopefully finish the binding on my quilt and maybe some crocheting...until then happy crafting.

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