Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mmmmm Cupcakes

Hello Blog World,

Firstly happy birthday Monika!! Hope you liked your pressies :)  For the birthday girl I whipped up some red velvet cupcakes.

First you need all this, plus eggs and cocoa
Mix it all together and you get this bright pink goo, it should be redder but I ran out of red food colouring.


Bake and decorate and WAHLAH  - this is what you get...

Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and pink sugar sprinkles.  I got the recipe from Bakerella's Site she is soooo brilliant and I absolutely love her Cake Pops,  I made heaps for Christmas last year including red velvet cake pops.  You must check it out if you enjoy baking.  However I do find her cream cheese frosting too sweet, she states 6 cups of confectioners sugar, I only use three and it is plenty sweet enough for all of us.

That wasn't the end of the spoiling for the birthday girl, I also altered an old jewellery box that I had in my stash

It was silver and purple already and quite pretty, so all I did was cut a bit of purple cardstock to cover the top and hide the jewellers name, inked a white flower in purple, glued it down and then added this white cardboard flower I picked up in a pack of 6 at spotlight a few weeks back for like $2.

The inside of the box had also been thrown out so there I used some scraps of wadding I had leftover from my wall hanging covered in some scraps of white satin I  have in my stash and glued to the bottom of the inside. Then I just sat the pretty necklace in the box.  Toooo easy!

To top it all off whacked the pressie and card which is from this post in this cute little bag.

Picked that up from Big W for only a few dollars too and double WAHLAH we have one spoiled birthday girl.

I will be back tomorrow with some more book covers I have made and if you look at the first photo in this photo heavy post you will see another sneak peek of my quilt in the background on my messy kitchen table.  All I have left is the hand sewing of the binding, not looking forward to that at all, but ALAS! it must be done if I want it finished right.

Anyway until then happy crafting

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Cheri said...

Michelle, thanks for visiting my blog! I am making my mom a crochet bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day (I don't think she's gonna get it on Mother's day...it's taking longer than I thought and it isn't shipped yet...) but she will love it for her office. Using her favorite colors. I can't wait to show final photos of all the flowers.. New follower to your blog!

Melissa said...

mmm, they look delish, must head over there and have a look, lol. TFS!

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