Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watercolour Sky

Hello Blog World,

I didn't get too much achieved yesterday, and I think today is going to be the same.  We need to head out shortly for an open day at my daughter's school where she is showing off her mathematical brain, then I need to do some shopping, come home and listen to the footy.  At least dinner is already done, some beautiful minestrone soup in the slow cooker.  Smells fantastic.

Before I discovered the wonderful world of papercraft about 5 years ago I used to do alot of painting and drawing.  But since I moved interstate and discovered papercraft (thanks to my fab sister in law) painting and drawing has really taken a back burner to this new passion of mine.  Well yesterday I wanted to do something after my housework, I just didn't know what.  So I pottered in my craft room and discovered the water colours I bought last year on my holiday with my friends and I thought hmmmm what can I do.  So I played around with them and came up with this...

I haven't done too much in watercolours so I am pretty happy with this.  I love how bright I got my colours, this is only A4 size, so not too big, but I am going to frame it and maybe put it in my craft room.  

Well off I go to get ready for my busy day, maybe just maybe I can fit some craft time in there before the weekend ends.  Until later happy crafting.

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Anonymous said...

Love how you just 'whipped this up', after doing the housework! Those colours are just awesome... actually the 'whole' thing is AMAZING! Love it!!

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