Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Child’s Eye on Art

Hello Blog World,

Still no new crafts.  Hand appliqueing is driving me insane so I am diddly daddling around on the computer and pinterest instead of hand appliqueing.  Hey a girl needs a break!

First I just have to share with you a new site I found today, I think it could be as addicting as pinterest!!! It’s called Random Tutorial Generator.  You just click a button and it takes you to a random craft tutorial, how fun is that!!!!

Ok that’s out of the way, since I have no new crafts I thought I would steal find inspiration from an online buddy’s blog, it’s in Estonian so I have linked to the English google translation for you.  Anyway, she recently posted some art from her daughter and since I have no new crafts to share with you today I thought I would do the proud bragging mother thing and do the same.

First to show you her drawings from when she was about 6

tianas art 004 Tommy & Spike
tianas art 005

We have spongebob, Tommy and Spike from Rugrats and The Fairies from the Winx club.

Tiana has always had the drawing bug (I wonder where she gets it from) and it has continued right up to her teenage years.  And she now produces these

tianas art 002 tianas art 003
tianas art 001

She likes anime and cartoons which is not my style personally and I might just be seeing these through a mother’s eye but I think these are great for that style!!! She loves Emily the Strange and Ruby Gloom, so I have those little girls all over her room at the moment.

Also you gotta love the digital world, I have scanned and/or photographed all her drawings, so I now don’t feel guilty about getting rid of them.  There are only so many pieces of paper you can keep right?  Or am I just a terrible mother??

So there you go art through a child’s eye. Check out the random tutorial generator and if you find something cool let me know.  Now off to aerobics, housework and more hand sewing!!!!

Until then Happy Crafting



Anonymous said...

Definitely mum's daughter I would say, beautiful pictures! Don't you just love how they have the eye for details!

Partycraft Secrets said...

Ahhh... you know you're little girl is growing up when she swaps fairies for misery! x

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