Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Thrifty Finds

Hello Blog World and to my fellow Aussies Happy Australia Day!!

Not doing much today as the weather is terrible but I did pick up my new hutch this morning so now I can’t wait to redo it!!!!

So I was at the hairdressers with my daughter the other night and while I was waiting for her to get done, I went for a walk outside and there was a thrift shop there but it was closed.  Didn’t stop me from looking in the window though and I spotted something I liked!!! So after dropping her to school the next morning I rushed straight over there and look at what I picked up for $8!!!!!!!

more thrifty finds 001

It’s a good 50cm tall and has a shelf on the inside, and look what else I found on the inside.

more thrifty finds 002

It just done in sharpie so easy to go over, but it’s interesting to see,I wonder who it belonged to in a previous life??

What I didn’t spot in the window but spotted while walking around the shops were these two beauties.

more thrifty finds 003

$3.50 for this bird cage, this stands about 30cm tall, and while I now realise the photo makes it look bent it’s not.  I am very pleased with this find as bird cages like this brand new range from $20 – $70 depending on how big and where you get it.

My last find at the shop is this very unique and interesting clock and only $6!!

more thrifty finds 004

It’s a two faced clock! I had never seen one before, but you spin it around and there is a clock on the other side and both sides work! You can either hang it or sit it on a shelf etc…

I don’t know but for some reason it reminds me of Cinderella’s carriage.

more thrifty finds 005

Someone has painted a dirty gold colour over the top of the lovely cream, but that will be easily fixed! I thought the clock and birdcage went really well together.

So at $17.50 I was really pleased with my trip and now besides all my hand appliqueing I have heaps of redo’s to do!! Busy times ahead.

What are some of your favourite thrifty finds? Check out some of my other finds here.

Well back to hand sewing, Happy Australia Day everyone and until later Happy Crafting.




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Those are great finds! I need to start thrifting some more :)
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