Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crochet Hook Roll

Hello Blog World,

Over the Christmas and New Years break recently I had 9 days off work and got quite a few projects crossed off my wanting to do list.

One of these projects was a crochet hook roll.  I have only just ventured into the world of crocheting and still have lots to learn but for some reason have collected quite a bit of yarn and crochet hooks, which I have just been storing in a big bag.  The hooks were loose down the bottom and kept falling out so I thought those crayon roll things would be a perfect fit for the hooks so I went a googling and actually found a tutorial for exactly what I wanting and using crochet hooks.

The tutorial is from Joanne at  Today We Made, she has some great tutorials so go check her out!

So I started in my much needed re-organising craft room, and started looking through my material stash.

crochet roll 001

Hehe this is just one box, I also have a massive bag full of material scraps.
I ended up picking some lovely lemon and pink striped fabric, that I had left over from my baby blocks I made earlier in 2011.

crochet roll 002 crochet roll 003

Whipped it up according to Joanne’s tutorial and added a bit of my own quirky style by having the pocket sewn on crooked (this was not intentional)  The whole thing in the photo looks crooked but I assure you it’s just the needle pocket!

crochet roll 005

Now my hooks have a lovely place to live and roll up very nicely.

crochet roll 006 crochet roll 007

This is the first type of roll thing I have made and I am very pleased with the finished product.  Next paint brush roll (I think I will be making one for my friend Jenny, but extra long as she has heaps of brushes)  Joanne made this seem so easy and her instructions were great so again go check her out at Today We Made.

Now I can do my crochet in style, and I have plans on doing heaps of practice as I have found an online crochet school with heaps of videos but more on that later.

Now it’s 33 degrees here so I am going to die in front of the air con for awhile but I will be back as I have been working on the cutest Rufflyist apron!!!

Until then Happy Crafting


Karima said...

What a great idea! I think this needs to be on my list of things to do too! Karima

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