Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quilt Panel Sneak Peek

Hello Blog World,

Just a quick post to show you why I haven’t had any new crafts up. I have been doing a lot of hand appliqueing to 4 panels for a new quilt I am working on and I am pretty slow let me tell you.

It’s an all black and white quilt and it’s 38” square and will end up on my wall if it turns out!

So I present to you today my first completed panel!

quilt sneak peek 01

Yes all those little bits have hand applique stem stitch around them!  Lots of work. What was I thinking??

quilt sneak peek 02

I do have to make a birthday card, so I will try and fit that in this week and I did want to cover my daughters cork board for her so I think I will break up all the hand sewing with that. Plus I have to clean my craft room for my new hutch!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO oh and paint it first!!

Anyway that’s it for today, off to aerobics then hairdressers then more hand sewing.

Until then Happy Crafting.



Partycraft Secrets said...

gorgeous- the black is almost like a silhouette - love it.

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Very pretty Michelle!!

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