Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shabby Teacup Pincushion

Hello Blog World,

Remember the other day I said I was going to do a bit of de-cluttering before I end up on Hoarders.  Well while I was de-cluttering I came across this teacup and saucer I got from a thrift shop about 18 months ago.

teacup pin cushion 001

It was only a couple of dollars and I had bought it deliberately to make a pin cushion out of.  I had seen one on the net years ago and thought what a brilliant idea. Now I don’t remember the original one, so I did a quick google search and found that there are heaps out there!!! So now there is another one!

While the teacup itself is quite plain, it has this beautiful iridescent pearly shine to it that I absolutely adore.

teacup pin cushion 002
So I went searching through my scrap material stash and found this lovely stripy fabric which I then cut into a circle about 1”-2” rounder than the saucer.  This was probably a bit too big but it still worked for me.

teacup pin cushion 003
I then ran a gathering stitch on the inside about 1/4” all the way around the circle, gathered it and stuffed it with poly fill

teacup pin cushion 004
Once that was done I simply filled the cup about half way with more poly fill and the ran some hot glue around the inside edge of cup, but not too close to the edge or you will get hot glue ooze, and then just pushed my puff into the teacup.

I then had to think about how I wanted to decorate it.  I had some pink crochet trim that I ran around the edge again with hot glue, also made a bow out of the same trim and then with some bead made a couple of hangy things to go under the bow. 

teacup pin cushion 008

I also then decided I wanted a flower, again I went hunting through my material stash and found a lovely cream and green shabby floral patterned material.  I tore a strip about 2” folded in half and ran a gathering stitch very close to the folded edge and gathered.

teacup pin cushion 005

After this I cut a circle of felt again about 1 1/2” round and started from the outside and just sewed this down and around until it came in the middle.  I was going to put a button but couldn’t find one I liked so with the same pink crochet trim as before I made a rosette and then sewed a pink pearl in the middle, hot glued it onto my fabric flower and WAH LAH one shabby little flower complete.

teacup pin cushion 006

I just love the flower it’s so pretty and shabby chic looking in my opinion, and I deliberately wanted frayed edges, this is why I tore the strip of material.

After I was happy with my flower I hot glued it onto the pin cushion, then hot glued teacup onto the saucer and another WAH LAH we have one teacup pin cushion completed.

teacup pin cushion 007

teacup pin cushion 009

All in all I am absolutely WRAPPED with how this turned out.  I just may have to make more now!!!!

So if you are looking for a full tutorial just google it there are a million out there and they are sooooo easy to make or if you would like me to do one on the teacup or even just the flower let me know and I will be happy to oblige.  Hubby wants me to make one that looks like a cappuccino now, hmm where to begin on that??

Before I tackle that I have decided I am going to make a new quilt! I have already started cutting my fabric out and I will start the sewing this weekend
Until then Happy Crafting



OhioMomPatriot said...

It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Partycraft Secrets said...

Hello fellow Australian! I love this idea - found your site via the great pic on the SasseLife linky - joined your blog and I'd love for you to join mine too best wishes for 2012 and stay crafty - I'm off to look around your blog!

adventuresindinner said...

There might be heaps out there but this one is REALLY adorable!

Thanks so much for sharing at Pin'Inspiration Thursday last week. Hope to see you back again this week :-)

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