Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jewellery Rack

Hello Blog World,

Now that all the Christmas gifts have been exchanged I can show you the one that I made my closest friend Jenny in Melbourne this year.  Normally we make something for each others birthdays but this year I flew down to Melbourne to be with her and ran out of time, caved in and bought her a digital photo frame.

So I made her something for Christmas instead, something that I have been wanting to make myself for ages and when I was in Melbourne a month ago realised that she could really benefit from it too.

I realised this as she loves necklaces and as I stayed at her house I noticed all her necklaces just on wardrobe door handles and basically wherever she could find room.  Therefore her own jewellery rack was born.

My beautiful hubby bought me home two pieces of broken pallet wood, which I sanded down and painted one a lovely cream colour.

rack 01

I then distressed the edges and used a bit of distress ink to age it up a bit.  
I then did some measuring and marked the middle, popped my knobs where I thought they would look good but it was a bit blank, so I added a wooden monogram.  Nothing says personalised more than a monogram!

rack 03

This I painted gold and also dirtied up a bit to look more like brass in the end to match the knobs I bought.  I was a bit pressed for time so I could only get to one store to get the knobs, not exactly what I had in mind originally but in the end they looked great and it will match her decor.  When I do mine, I am hitting ebay I have seen some beautiful and cheap knobs on there!!

So here is the finished product, ready to ship 3000km’s to Melbourne.

rack 04

I can’t decide which knobs I like best!  They are all so pretty and now I can’t wait to start on my own.  First to ebay for knob shopping, oh the choices are endless!!

I have seen a few different varieties of these out there in blogland if you google jewellery rack or look on pinterest you will see heaps of different versions out there too.

The Weekend is finally here, and I am going to try and get some sewing done.  I am making another and I should be able to get a fair bit done of it today and tomorrow.  What are your plans this weekend? 
Until then Happy Crafting



Jill said...

Oooh! this is cute! I think I'm going to hit up my local ReStore to see if they have some cool knobs!

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