Saturday, January 28, 2012

Portrait of my Child

Hello Blog World,

Yes I am still hand appliqueing but I will be taking a break this weekend to make my daughter a pillow and to make a card.

So today I will show you another old drawing of mine. The other day I showed you my green tree frog done with coloured pencils and then my daughter’s art.  Well today is portrait I did of my daughter when she was 6 (she is now 13 1/2) done in sepia pencil.

tiana march 05

I had never worked in sepia pencil before and haven’t since, I did like the media but it was very hard to work with, and people portraits are not my thing, I like animals!

Here is the original photo I used as my reference.


What do you think?? I was very please with the result and such a cheeky smile! I didn’t want to do all those stripes so I left her t-shirt blank. This is A4 size again and proudly in a frame in my craft room.

Looking back at my old artwork the last week gets me motivated to do more, unfortunately producing something like this or my frog takes me hours upon hours (a bit like hand appliqueing).  I am currently working on an elephant and have already spent at least 6 hours drawing time for a half finished drawing! I will get my motivation back one day.

Anyway this was my 99th post people, I will be back tomorrow with my 100th and with a little freebie for you all.

Until then Happy Crafting



Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle, this is such a great piece of art again! Love it! Hope you'll get back your inspiration cause I want to see your elephant too! Your daughter is really cute!

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