Monday, January 16, 2012

The Score and other Thrifty Finds

Hello Blog World,

Not too much Crafting done on the weekend past.  I finished my baby card and finished cutting all my material out for my new quilt and even got 4 strips sewn together.  It’s not a big of fancy quilt so I am hoping to have it finished next weekend.

Saturday while I was supposed to be sewing my sis in law and I popped out to a fabric shop because I miscut some material and had to get a replacement (it was panic all stations there for a while) but then we decided to pop into a couple of thrift shops to see what we could find. 

Nothing too great but I did walk out with these bargains.

the score 006

A great shadow box frame, with 2 vintage keys.  It’s really dirty and a yucky speckled egg colour but it's a decent size and I can fix the yukkiness and the keys are great and only $5

the score 007

and these cute glass candle stick holders only $1 for the set.  These will be great for next Christmas when I make some more trees.

After this we went and had a yummy lunch and then went back to work cutting my material, thankfully I got it right the second time around.
After cutting I was a bit pooped to start sewing so I helped Kel organise some of her material stash and she is being very adamant this year that she isn’t going to keep every scrap, so her loss my gain!!

Check out the material stash I scored.

the score 001

the score 002

It’s all scraps but the pieces are big enough for flowers or another teacup, I know I will use them.

Here are my favourites.

the score 003

the score 004

the score 005

So I hope everyone’s weekend was great, did anyone else out there score some thrifty finds?  If so I would love to see.

Until late happy crafting.



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Love your finds :)

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