Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Tree Frog–A Drawing and other Ramblings

Hello Blog World,

As you all know I am currently doing a lot of hand appliqueing for a new quilt so it’s not leaving much time for other new crafts.  I did finish my first panel yesterday I will be back later with a sneak peek!

I am also in the middle of trying to re-organise the home and have started on the pantry so that should be finished this week and will hopefully have some cool pics for you later in the week. 

My craft room was another goal this year and while I haven’t technically started yet. I did pick up this great hutch on ebay yesterday, I am very excited so look forward to a redo on this.

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Another goal of mine was to finish my elephant drawing I started last year, before I found all these other crafts drawing was a big passion of mine, and while it still is.  I simply do not do it enough anymore.

One piece I am very proud of I did about 7 years ago (way before my blogging life) is this little green tree frog done in all coloured pencils.

Green Tree Frog

It took hours upon hours to complete and I think I used all my green pencils and my white pencil doing the highlights.  Kermit (yes I named it Kermit, don’t ask) is about A4 size and is a nice black frame on my wall.  As I said very proud moment.

So there you go a bit about my crafting life before blogging, I will be back tomorrow with a sneak peek on the quilt, but now I need to buy school supplies for my daughter and then more hand applique YAY!!!

Until then happy crafting



Tammy said...

Thanks for linking up you little tree frog. He makes me smile :) I can draw a mean stick person, but that about sums up my artistic ability. Great jog :)

Wesens-Art said...

Beautiful! Love the frog und love that green!!!

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