Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Trees

Hello Blog World,

Christmas is in full swing everywhere and I got some more decorations out of the way last night.  Three little Christmas Trees to accompany my doily wreath in my entry way.

Cone trees are everywhere, made with ribbon, fabric, yarn, scrapbook paper, feathers even glass balls, you name it and they are out there.   I even found one made out the junk in your junk drawer.  Isn’t it just fantastic?

I would love to say that this is mine but no, Lindsay over at Diary of a Crafty Lady came up with this wonderful and unique idea.

However I did find some foam cones at spotlight on sale for $1.00 for three the other day and they are only about 4" inches tall but I had to have them and had to decorate them.

First up Blingy Glitter Tree

xmas tree3

This was easy as to do, just stuck the tree on my base painted with glue and rolled in my snowy chunky glitter.  I still like how it came out. 

Next Wooly Tree

xmas tree2

I think this one is my favourite and also very easy.  Just wrapped some yarn around the foam cone, stuck some blingy pastel brads I had in my stash and hot glued a bead on top.  I just love the colour of the yarn, this is from the one ball, it’s a graduating colour change and I am very pleased with the effect.

Last but not least, Ruffled Ribbon Tree

xmas tree4

This one took the longest and had me fighting with my hot glue gun again, just grabbed some ribbon, ruffled, glued, ruffled, glued and ruffled and glued  a bit more, and to top it off another bead hot glued on top.

All in all I am pretty happy with how these have turned out, however I am not happy with the bases but it’s all I had on hand, it’s old ribbon spools spray painted silver, and then I got some old branches from the yard, stuck it in the bottom of the foam cone and then made a hole and stuck them in the ribbon spool.  They will come out easily enough, so if I find some nice candle holders or something I may just change them around.

This is now the entry way completed (I think)

xmas tree5

I am thinking I need some twigs or something at the back, if anyone has some ideas let me know. 

Now I have to get to the serious business of some gift making as well as some last minute Christmas Cards, until then Happy Crafting.



Chantelle @ The Fridge Door Blog said...

They're cute as pie :)

If you want something at the back to make them *POP* you could also put some contrasting wrapping paper in photoframes and prop the frame behind each tree? Then the trees would REALLY stand out!

Thanks for stopping by The Fridge Door Blog!

Christine said...

They're cute :) I like the yarn one best.

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