Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Definition of a Wreath

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So I did it!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been seeing all these beautiful bauble wreaths all over the net for a very long time and this year I decided I wanted to try one!

I ummed and ahhed for a long time trying to get the courage and Sunday afternoon I got my nerve up. 

I grabbed all my baubles


Fought with my hot glue gun again, I even have a bandaid this time!  I also fought with the wreath foam I bought, all I could find was florists foam.  Well let me tell you hot glue does not like florists foam so don’t even try it! Unless it’s just me, if it is please let me know.

So after that disastrous effort, I remembered seeing somewhere (and I can’t remember where sorry) using a wire clothes hanger as a base.

Well I knew I had them so off I went to the wardrobe dug one out and untwisted and formed a sort of circle.


Started stringing balls and started hot gluing until a basic circle formed, and then filled in the gaps with smaller balls.

So before I unveil the finished product for educational purposes I have…

Definition of the word “WREATH”
  • A circular band of flowers, foliage, or any ornamental work, for adorning the head or for any decorative purpose; a garland or chaplet.
  • Any ringlike, curving, or curling mass or formation: a wreath of clouds


It’s a bit bulkier than what I would have liked and a bit more ovalish than round but overall I am very happy with my first attempt and she now sits prettily on my front door.   Next miniature Christmas Cone Trees,  Until then Happy Crafting.


D said...

Wow, that turned out beautiful! I love all the textures and sizes.

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Love your wreath! So pretty!!

Marion said...

Wow...what a beautiful wreath! Even after all your battles it turned out beautifully. What a lovely way to greet people into your house!

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