Saturday, December 24, 2011

Paper Bags

Hello Blog World,

OK so it is now only 1 day to Christmas (panic setting in).  Just a quick post today to show you a little goody I made up quickly with a great tutorial.

Thursday I showed you my triumph and my fail with my shortbread

shortbread 02 shortbread 01

Well of course I couldn’t stop there with the handmade goodness.  I had to pop these lovelies into something pretty.

So I went scavenging around the internet and came across this fabulous tutorial from Jones Design Company for these beautiful paper bag.


These looked so easy to make from their great tutorial I just had to give it a go, and even though I loved their stripy papers I have heaps of digitals on my hard drive I thought best to bring them out.

So I had three to make and I wanted them all different so I printed three different papers out.

lunch bags 001

The Ho Ho Ho paper is my favourite.  Followed the tutorial successfully and made these great baggies.

lunch bags 003 lunch bags 004 lunch bags 005

Again they were soooooooooooooo easy, I will definitely be pulling this tute out for future thank you gifts.  This time I wrapped some shortbread in cellophane and popped them in the bag, but you could use it for anything.  Lollies, chocolates, jewellery, the list could really go on and on.

I also made a little sticker for each to close the bag, with just a stamp and some card stock and double sided sticker sheets.

lunch bags 002

I love them all lined up in a row like this

lunch bags 006

Needless to say my work mates were very happy and were in awe of all my cleverness (hehehe modesty), it’s quite good actually because they are not very crafty and really do appreciate it when I whip out something for them.

So with Christmas only 1 day away I have lots of cooking and cleaning and general preparations to do.  I won’t be back until after Christmas, but when I am back I will have some truffles, hand made presents and another gift card box to show you. So to all my followers, all 19 of you, and to anyone who reads this Have a very safe and merry Christmas, may all our days be joyous and full of laughter and wonderful memories in the making. 

Until then Happy Crafting


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I will have to remember this one! Great idea.

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