Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions

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The silly season has definitely arrived.  Our Christmas tree is up, we are knee deep in other decorations and I am still trying to recover from holiday and get used to working a full day again!  it’s still a bit hard to get up at 4:30am after 10 days of sleep ins!

I have a very small family and while we don’t have many traditions here are a few that we do every year without fail!

christmas lights2

christmas trads3

We don’t open presents on Christmas Eve at all, but we do go for a drive/walk and look at all the beautiful homes with their Christmas Lights on Christmas Eve, can’t wait to see what the neighbourhoods come up with this year! 

After that we come home and watch the national Carols by Candlelight and sing along.

christmas trads5

This is last year’s tree. We have kept it the same this year due to time restrictions.  I will change it next year I think, but I really do like the pink and white, it’s something different and I love the simplicity of just baubles and lights.

Check it out at night!

christmas trads4

Christmas Morning we get up early and we open all the presents!
christmas trads6

Even the pets have theirs too.

christmas trads7

Then we have a big feast of good food, drink and sweet stuffs!

christmas trads2

christmas trads

These were my first attempt at cake pops last year for Christmas, I thought they came out great.  I covered an old computer part box with left over Christmas paper and just poked them in there and they were in the centre of the table.  They looked and tasted great!

After all this on Christmas day, we are normally stuffed! and all we want to do is either play with our new toys or have nanna naps (mainly the adults)

Well I bought some cheap baubles on clearance at K-mart last night, so I am going to try making my own bauble wreath this year(usually we have a big red bow on the door), wish me luck.  I have also seen some beautiful doily and book page wreaths out there on the net this year so I am thinking I may be giving one of them a go to, so watch this space!

So they are our simple traditions, whatever yours may be I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  Until later, happy crafting.


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