Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sleeping Eye Mask Pattern

Hello Blog World, 

I think I must be getting precious in my old age, I am finding it hard to sleep in with any light coming through, and as we live in Sunny QLD with no daylight savings (something about the cows not knowing when to come and get milked GO FIGURE?) the light comes shining through our glass doors about 4AM in summer, and we really can’t afford block out blinds.

So I searched high and low on boxing day for a sleeping eye mask and couldn’t find one so I came home and thought well I will just make one.  I am on holidays at the moment and I want to sleep in!!!!

eye mask 011
Check out my beautiful model my daughter Tiana

So I grabbed some dark fabrics out that I thought would be good for blocking out the sun.

eye mask 002

Some black satin fabric for the inside of the eye mask and some dotty black cotton fabric for the outside of the eye mask.  I also added some batting in the middle for a bit of cushion.

Then I roughly drew the shape that I wanted.

eye mask 001

Don’t worry that’s not the finished pattern, you can get that the end of this post.

Once I had the shape I was happy with I cut it out and placed on the fold of the material like so.

eye mask 003

Here you can either pin the pattern piece on and snip around it like I did, or if you are more comfortable you can trace around the pattern with a fabric fade away pen then cut.

Make sure you put this pattern piece on the fold of the material that way when it opens up you will have you shape.

You will cut out one for the front material, one for the back and one out of batting.

eye mask 004

They may seem a bit big at the moment but the pattern does include a 1/4” seam allowance.

At this point pop your three pieces of fabric aside and concentrate on the back. 

( I forgot to take photo’s of this bit sorry) But basically measure some elastic around your head, I cut mine about 13” but I have a big head and didn’t want it too tight. Once your happy with your measurements cut.  If you are using a nice elastic you can leave it at this point, or I only had white elastic on hand so with the dotty fabric I cut a 2” wide strip about 16” long, made a tube by sewing up one side of the fabric, quickly stiched the elastic to either end and turned the tube the right way. The longer you make your tube the more ruffly it is.  I will leave this up to your discretion.

Once all your pieces are cut out and your back tie is done, please iron your material, I cannot stress this enough, I hate ironing but when I sew I always iron, it just gives a much better finish.

Now we start piecing our bits together.

eye mask 005

Start with your batting, back piece right side up, slip your back tie in one side then front material right side down, tucking in the back tie into the middle of your stack, make sure you pin the back tie on the opposite side and that it’s tucked in nice and neat so you don’t accidentally sew it where it shouldn’t be sewn.

Then basically go around your stack, make sure you leave a hole I left a hole just down the bottom this is so you can turn it out once sewn.
eye mask 007 eye mask 008

Once it’s turned out you have a hole left, at this point you can either slip stitch the hole shut or give it another good iron, tucking in the material at the hole as you go, then top stitch all the way around.  I chose to top stitch as I like the finished look.  Once that’s done your new sleeping eye mask is complete.  WAH LAH!!!

eye mask 009
Front Outside

eye mask 010

Back Inside

There you go, one sleeping eye mask.  I am really proud of myself I must admit as I am fairly newish to sewing and this is the first thing I have ever made without a pre-bought or downloaded pattern.  I know you experts out there are thinking well that’s easy but to me it wasn’t.  So I decided to share the pattern with all you lovely people, you can get it in PDF from HERE.  If you do make it let me know, I would love to know what you all think and if the experts out there have any suggestions on how to make it better again let me know!!!  Also being my first ever be kind and forgive me if I have made any mistakes.

So to download your pattern click HERE, now I think I might get around to doing some drawing today.  Until then Happy Crafting.



Charlene@APinchofJoy said...

Very clever! Looks like it will do the job of keeping you in the dark (sorry - bad pun!) besides being really cute!

Janet said...

Thanks, Michelle! I have a very achey daughter, between arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc. so I decided to make microwaveable/freezeable rice filled pieces for all the places she needs them. I was going to trace around safety goggles for the eye one, now I have this! Awesome!!!

Tutus & Tea Parties said...

I'm in the same sewing boat as you are...this would be a challenge for me, but they are so cute! I'm going to have to try it! :)

I'd love for you to link up and share:

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